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Genealogy & Family History - The Perfect Social Media

Genealogy & Family History ~ The Perfect Social Media

by Claire V Brisson-Banks, BS, MLIS, A.G. ®
© Copyright 2013 Timeless Genealogies

This class will cover a variety of Web 2.0 Internet-based tools that assist with connecting and keeping in touch with family while locating new family information and staying up-to-date with genealogical technology and social media. Wikipedia defines Social Media as follows:

“Social media are primarily Internet-based tools for sharing and discussing information among human beings. The term most often refers to activities that integrate technology, social interaction, and the construction of words, pictures, videos and audio. This interaction, and the manner in which information is presented, depends on the varied perspectives and "building" of shared meaning among communities, as people share their stories and experiences.”

Material Presented:
  • RSS Feeds
  • ITunes
  • The Old Reader
  • Netvibes
  • Blogs
  • Wikis
  • Family Websites
  • Photo Sharing
  • Pins
  • Video Contact
  • Skype Research Communities
  • Facebook
  • Facebook Genealogical Applications
  • Facebook Research Communities
  • Twitter
  • TweetDeck
  • Social Bookmarking
  • Grave Networking
  • Genes Reunited
  • WikiTree
  • DNA
  • PC, Online and Portable Genealogical Software Programs
  • Digital Genealogical Books and Readers
  • FamilySearch Digitized Books Collection
  • YouTube
  • FamilySearch and Ancestry Online Research Classes
  • ICAPGen Mentoring and Educational Resources
  • Dropbox – Google Docs – Your Files online
  • Genealogy Training in Second Life
Websites Referenced:


Top Social Media Sites

Personalized Home Page



Family Websites

Social Media Sites

PC Genealogical Data Management

Online Genealogical Data Management

Portable Genealogical Data Management

Mobile Genealogical Applications

Digital Books

Digital Readers

Training and Information

Files Online

Virtual Training

Reading Materials

Social Media for Family Historians by Carole Riley
Social Networking for Genealogists by Drew Smith
The Social Media Guide for Ancestral Research by Claire Brisson-Banks

The future holds the promise of new technological developments to assist in locating more of those long lost ancestors with online records and open communications between families wherever they are living. Embrace the future of genealogy as it expands and brings together the family of man.
© Copyright 2013 Timeless Genealogies.  All rights reserved.  Written permission to reproduce all or part of this syllabus material in any format, including photocopying, data retrieval, or the Internet, must be secured in advance from the copyright holder. Contact:

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Breaking Through the Generation Gap

Updated 22 Aug 2017 by Claire V Brisson-Banks, BS, MLIS, A.G. ®
           © Copyright 2005-2017 Timeless Genealogies

Learning about ones' family history is both rewarding and interesting no matter what age the individual asking is concerning their ancestral background.

To assist this endeavor it helps to tie in historical events to their ancestors. Suddenly names, dates and places become connected when ancestral family members are part of the history lesson. They may have fought in the Civil War, WWI or WWII; taken part in the expansion out west or participated in the women's movement for the right to vote along with any other historical event. Just where do they fit in American history?

Learning styles can affect the outcome when working with youth and making oneself aware of them will help them to be successful in their ancestral research. According to Colin Rose, "There are three types of learning styles:
  • Visual
  • Auditory
  • Kinesthetic and Tactile
Those who are visual will enjoy working with fan charts, creating an online presence for the family and perhaps hunting in cemeteries for long lost relatives and collecting photographs of ancestors. If they are listeners they may be the one who remembers names, dates and places, doing data entry, indexing and hunting through records. The last area brings in enjoying historical research combined with historical events, even participating in historical recreations or developing a family website. The combination of all three learning styles makes a great combination for a family of genealogical detectives!

Home Treasures

These artifacts and others can be intertwined into stories about ancestors. Once the stories are written they can be shared through blogs, wikis, websites, an online journal and scrapbooks. Some of the programs that make these things happen and possible are:

Scrap Booking

Scrapbooking has come a long way from years ago; however, scrapbooks are what is wanted by those creating them. Some are the ones created with scraps and stories written in by hand, others are done with the newer templates and photos added and end up with a more professional look and now there is online scrapbooking, choose the one that works best for your family. provides some great supplies shipped to your home.
Ancestral Activities 

To help children remember who their ancestors are one can make those ancestral pictures into jigsaw puzzles and then spend time putting the puzzles together and adding stories of those ancestors with the youth is a great resource that should not be overlooked.
One can also make a coloring picture of a family photo with a program by Anthony Craft called My Picture Puzzle, once installed it can be printed and then an individual can color the picture. Additional activities with pictures is to create online family albums with Flickr, Picaboo, Snapfish, Shutterfly or Photobucket.

Additional ideas are:

Ancestral Places

Looking for ancestral places can be done by using Wikipedia or Ask. Adding locations currently and throughout time helps to add understanding for the time periods ones ancestors were living in. One can also search for a map online and look under images instead of the web responses.

There are various map games at Map Web Games. Taking an ancestral trip is also another possible opportunity to locate ancestors in distance cemeteries and their home towns. Family Atlas can help you with mapping your family.

Historical Records

There are many locations to find historical records both online and in person. Archives, libraries and the Family History Library are just a few of the many physical locations. A few online locations are:,,,, and There are many others that have records available online however many of them are also subscription websites.

Viewing historical movies of the time period can also help to add understanding the culture of the times. Many like this are available through the public libraries or simply using a Google search engine and typing in "historical movies for children", you will be surprised at how many are available for free. The Ancestors Series is available online through BYU

There are also online games to help learn more about specific time periods through the Library of Congress' online website and these other sites:  

US Gen Web Kidz
Family Tree Kids
I Dream of Genealogy: Family is all around..
Walk Through Time
You Be the Historian
Who Am I?
America's Story
Abraham Lincoln Research Site
Middle Ages
Great Websites for Kids

Genealogical Software Program

Ancestral Quest

Maintaining total control of your family's information is most important, especially in today's world.
Ancestral Quest donated the code for PAF and created the first Family Tree Maker. It is simple to use, yet powerful for sourcing, adding pictures and linking and syncing with It is available for both the PC and the Mac operating systems.
Youth Online Resources

"There are only two lasting bequests we can give our children - one is Roots and the other Wings"
                                                                       by Hodding S. Carter

© Copyright 2005-2017 Timeless Genealogies.  All rights reserved.  Written permission to reproduce all or part of this syllabus material in any format, including photocopying, data retrieval, or the Internet, must be secured in advance from the copyright holder. Contact:

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Thursday, April 26, 2012

Libraries: Portals To Your Ancestral Past

Family History on TV
-African American Lives PBS
-Faces of America PBS
-The Generations Project BYU TV
-Who Do You Think You Are? NBS
-Ancestors (Not running but available online) /

Social Media Fuels Family History Interest

-Release of 1940 Census sparked interest

Public Library Resources

-Local Historical Events
-Centennial & Bicentennial memorabilia
-City/State Directories
-Historic Maps & Photos
-Historic Audio & Video Records
-Access to Online Databasses
-Pathfinders/Library Guides

Patrons Know What Resources are Available?

-online through library website
-online to public

Additional Newspapers Resources

Access to
Internet Archives:
Various ProQuest databases:
Wikipedia’s Online Newspapers Listing -

Access to Online Databases

Internet Archives:
Mortality Schedules:
Ancestry:  ($)
Heritage Quest from ProQuest: ($):
World Vital Records: ($)

Create Library Guides of your resources

Pathfinders of your resources

Collaboration Through their Library with other Libraries
-Interlibrary loans-books
-Interlibrary loans-films
-University Libraries

Online Research Communities

-Skype Research Communities
-Facebook Research Genealogical Communities

by Claire V Brisson-Banks

© Copyright 2012 Timeless Genealogies. All rights reserved. Written permission to reproduce all or part of this syllabus material in any format, including photocopying, data retrieval, or the Internet, must be secured in advance from the copyright holder. Contact:

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Harnessing 'Cloud' Technology to Expand & Extend your Family Tree

Websites and Topics From Presentation


World Wide Collaboration
     Social Networking

Research Wiki:
Encyclopedia of Genealogy:
Biographical Wiki:
Who will tell their stories?
Genes Reunited:
My Heritage:
One Great Family:
Ancestry Family Trees:
Tribal Pages:
John Pack Family:
Who Will Tell Their Stories?
Find A Grave:
We're Related:
Elusive Ancestors:

PC/Mac Genealogical Software: Record Management Tools
Ancestral Quest:
Family Tree Maker:
Roots Magic:
MacFamily Tree 6.14:
GeditCom II 1.6:
Family Tree Maker for Mac:
Reunion 9.0c:

Online Genealogical Programs
Ancestry Family Tree:
My Heritage Family Tree:
One Great Family:
The Next Generation:
We Relate:

Collaborating with Online Files
Microsoft OfficeLive

Simultanneous Collaborating
Will You
Google docs:

Mobile Applications
Android Mobile Genealogical Applications:

Online Learning
Digital Genealogical Books:
FamilySearch Research Courses:
Ancestry Learning Center:
Second Life Virtural World Training:

Virtural Worlds List by Category:  

Reading Materials
  1. Social Media for Family Historians by Carole Riley:
  2. Social Networking for Genealogists by Drew Smith:
  3. The Social Media Guide for Ancestral Research Applying Web 2.0 Strategies by Claire V. Brisson-Banks: